How to get Inspiration:


In-spir-a-tion. Have you ever sat by your laptop, saying, right I’m going to be creative. You then proceed to just say the word creative with different inflections and tones, maybe you sing it. Maybe you google it (at the end of the day, what can’t you google?)

You sit there, with a notebook and pen, tapping your pen to its own tune, the tune of NO BLOODY IDEAS. No, today is the day you start a novel. Romance, Thriller? Action? Romance is always what I went to. I wrote a novel when I was 13. Got to 100 pages which sure, in life is not a long book. When your 13, it’s a thousand novels.

Since having what is commonly referred to as ‘writers block’ its made me realise just how screwed id be if I lived when all I had was a type writer. I’m the queen of getting into an action packed page of literature, and then deleting the entire thing. With the technology of word its fine. Not so much back in the day.

As you can see just by writing this I’m procrastinating. I admit it. Starting new things is hard. The moment i get an idea i’m passionate about , i don’t stop. I sit there and type all day and night. you have to get that focal point, that idea, that love. When i  wrote my ‘novel’ when i was 13, i wrote about love. I loved love. the idea of it. Was that because of Disney? Was that because all i saw around me was all my friends already getting boyfriends?

I have to say, I’m confident it was movies. Movies aren’t things you just watch because you like ‘ponies’ or ‘magic’.Why do you like those things? I like flowers but i’m sure as hell wouldn’t watch an entire movie about them. When you commit, that’s when the ideas start. I’m talking like I’ve never procrastinated. It’s what i’m doing right now. But when i talk about things i love or memories or things I’ve learnt. When I write, I can write all day. You just have to explore. It’s safe to say you can’t just sit down at your laptop and expect a 5 star novel to appear out of nowhere, but there is a whole world of ideas hidden in memories, hidden in your hobbies your love that others right now are searching for. Maybe you love magic, maybe you have a skill for horse-riding or writing poetry. Somewhere in the world there is someone searching for someone to teach them. Be that person.

My blogs, sure they aren’t going to be tutorials or teaching people my love of Harry Potter (although a Harry Potter based post may well pop up;)) I want to inspire people. Inspire people to pick up a pen and write for what they believe in, what they love, or to merely tell someone something that happened to them that day.

So if you’re looking for inspiration from this article, you’ll find


I haven’t given you a list of topics but a list of questions to ask to find your inspiration and write till your fresh out of words. What do you love? What have you learnt? What is a movie that makes you cry every time. I don’t want to talk about specifics, i want to show what i love, and help others love it to.

Believe me, we all need inspiration sometimes, we all procrastinate. Just look around you. Look at your bookshelf, look to your partner or family member. Just write about something  you love and before you know it you’ll have a piece in front of you.


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