The Impact of Music:

Music has always been a massive part of my life. Its been something I rely on, trust and what has truly brought me to some of the happiest moments in my life. However i’m feeling, however upset, when the Hairspray soundtrack comes on, you can’t hold me back from dancing round the room. My taste of music is as diverse as they go. It can go from hardcore rock to ballads or musical theatre. Music can come in any forms, even in the sense of whether you listen, write or perform. Maybe you do all 3 like me.

I’ve always wondered if the songs I like, I like because of the songs themselves or the memories i associate to them. My dad always say its impressive how many lyrics of songs I know and to me, I know it must be due to the fact every song I listen to, I listen to the message. I listen to a song because I relate or I find a way to. I know these power ballads aren’t meaningless. I know they have a message behind them that is unique and I focus on listening to every word.

I myself have attempted to song write and i’m not going to lie, I struggled. I sat with a pen to the page and I wrote words which sure were beautiful but I just couldn’t fit it into  melody without bending what I want to say. That’s why to me, my strength is writing literature, because the words stand alone. There’s no need to mould it into a new form. I truly admire those artists I listen to, in fact I admire any musical artist and the skill it takes to write a song and for it to be a emotional connection to you.

Right now, I’m listening to Lukas Graham and if you ask anyone I know, they’ll tell you I LOVE their music. There music is beautiful, they create such a story with every word and Lukas’ voice in the band is amazing. It has a rough, vulnerable tone to it, that brings everything back to the message of their music. What I love is one song can make me think deeply and can make me emotional and the next i’m on my feet dancing.  I read every song I listen to, and more than any other artist I see their songs play out something I have no doubt was intended. I find every song emotional in a beautiful way. I think another reason I love their music is because it reminds me of my own relationships, not necessarily because of the lyrics but because of the scenarios I experienced the songs in. The whole band are a true inspiration to me, their songs are truly amazing.

Many songs I love to this day because when I was having an intensely hard time a couple of years back, the songs I listened to were on repeat, they helped me and supported me and I listen to them now and I believe them to be some of the greatest songs ever written. Every song is open to so much interpretation on how it will play a part on your life. Au Revoir – One Republic is one of my all time favourite songs, when I originally met my partner, we were taking part in a performance for our exam for Drama, this song played in the piece and that time to me now reminds of me of him, when I met him and when I fell in love with him. In fact the instrumental is my favourite part of the song, and when I hear it, it reminds me of how I felt and the song almost brings me back to these memories that I love reminiscing so much.Its not just the lyrics that bring the message or feeling.

Music can help you feel so many things, personally it reminds me of memories, feelings and most of all allows me to find songs I relate to and allows that to comfort and bring joy to me. Please do comment the impact Music has on you and how you enjoy it:) I would love to her about it. Of course, feel free to comment some of your favourite songs and why too!


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