Buses and why they SUCK

I feel this post is a long time coming, and what better time than when they randomly changed their timetable so I missed my bus after work and become stuck in the cold for an extra hour. 

Don’t get me wrong, buses help me alot. However why change the timetable with no warning so it’s guaranteed those who use a certain bus every day will miss it due to lack of information supplied.

This isn’t a rant, this is well..A rant. However we all need a rant sometimes. Someone pushed in front of me in the queue, my coat broke or my boss stripped my wages. Rants can range from wrong place wrong time to darn right frustrating things.

My hands are so cold autocorrect is saving my grammar currently. I think this is the first time autocorrect has actually helped rather than just changed all my words to expletives. See, in many ways we rely on autocorrect too. Although in other ways it is the most frustrating thing. Of course the one time i actually want to say something it changes it to ‘Duck’ off. We all have something we rely on that goes wrong. 

Right, on the bus. Wow even harder to type here than outside in the Antarctic. The bus is no smooth sailing journey more of a bucking bronco. However saying all this I do rely on this and id be pretty stuck without buses. There are too many bus ‘relatables’ to run through here. So why don’t you drop a comment below. My personal favourite is attempting to lean on the windows to close your eyes for a second only to nearly whack your head so hard on the glass you could have been a emergency hammer.

Now I go home, get there about 8:45 and do what I do best..absolutely nothing. Nothing is something everyone should do a bit more. 


2 thoughts on “Buses and why they SUCK

  1. I live about 3 miles outside a tiny village. There are no buses, cabs, or any other form of mass transportation. Of course, unless you’re leaving the area there’s really no need. But I can imagine how frustrating it is when you rely on a bus and it just isn’t there.


    • I rely on buses and in many ways I love them, like you if a bus dosent turn up, I’m in a tiny village and have no way of getting home, unfortunately anything like buses will always be annoying at times I guess:)

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