Today. Tomorrow. The Next Day.

I was reading this morning a book about my star sign, Capricorn. I try to read it and not let the parts I disagree with get me down. One part that I did agree with was that it said I have a very long term mind, I think for the future rather than living each day like its my last. I wish I was more inclined to live in the moment, and to be honest in many ways I think I do. However today I feel very much in the moment. Halloween preparations, lunch with friends and most of all knowing Jack is back (my boyfriend). All week i’ve known hes not far away, but its made me cherish him even more, and has made me excited and relieved that soon we can talk as normal. I think all of these horoscope books are great, but only to  fun degree, at the end of the day no one person will be identical to their star signs persona but everyone will have elements and its better that way, or we’d all be 1 of 12 things.

This book I have tells me what to expect from everyday, but to be honest I don’t want to know what each day  will bring, otherwise the experience will be considerably less of a surprise and for that reason potentially less enjoyable. I look at the end of the day, I look to see if it matches, and if it does to get a little excitement from it.I don’t want something writing my life, but at the same time, I would just merely like to know everything turns out just fine. Wouldn’t we all?

A question if your at  sleepover, a lunch date or a girls night is if you could travel 20 years into the future, see exactly what would happen- would you do it? Would you? My first reaction, and probably a lot of others, ‘that would be so awesome’. However, having my very logical brain I think: would we enjoy these moments the same amount? with some of course we would,but not knowing, a happy surprise- these surprises, these moments where you get a a surprise gift, cuddle or kiss can make our day.  A memory where surprise is key: for example your engagement, the surprise of it- would it be the same if you knew ‘exactly’ how it would go down. If we knew they were gonna happen, of course you’d enjoy it, but where would that sudden raise in your heartbeat be? where would that sudden content rush of blood to your body be? Moments, surprises and memories are good if you knew they are going to happen, but so much better if your unexpected and you get that butterfly feeling in you tummy.

At my age it can be hard to think the way I do, living in the future, mostly because everything is up in the air. Those who are 20 or 30 know where they live, who with, what are they doing. For me, in 3 years time I have no idea where i’ll be. That can be scary… or exciting. At my age, I want to live in the moment and I will. I find every moment of happiness stays with me at the moment. Memories have always been important to me, and I love nothing more than thinking of all these things that have made me so happy.


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