Yes, I’m Back Again.

I am probably the worst example of sports, I try, but im just not very good. Despite being busy at work and some such when It comes to exercise I am lazy.

Now, the one time I actually wanted to go the gym or get into a game of hockey. THE ONE TIME. I feel sick and I wanna sleep. My head hurts,and im sat in our common room, alone and the thing I resort to, writing. Like always. However much my head hurts I don’t mind focusing on writing, it calms me in other ways. Whoever has left me, writing is almost like a diary, being able to let out how I feel. I hate feeling ill, I’m perfectly happy, in fact yesterday was perfect, but I just feel ill. That’s all.

I hate when people question of im actually ill. Yes I am XD or at the very least I feel it. I woulden’t feel this way on purpose and it annoys me that people ask. I guess I’m here to rant, who’s not sometimes. But also im here to show that this is yet another time I can rely on writing. Yet another time that his hat writing calms and brings ne back to feeling positive and trying to take my mind off anything negative. It’s gonna be a good day. To anyone else feeling a tad crap, your day is gonna be good too.

Has there been a time you’ve been reliant on writing? 


8 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Back Again.

  1. Writing is definitely crucial to my mental well-being. I think it’s how I process a lot of feelings and have a lot of realizations and epiphanies. I lost a friend a couple months ago to an overdose and had a mental breakdown for about a week. During that time, I tried reaching out to a lot of guys that I’d been casually dating, hoping one of them would give me some kind of attention (I haaate being alone when I’m sad – it’s dangerous).

    None of them did. I got angry. Ended up writing an entire account of the week. Made it to day 5 before I realized that I was literally trying to use a friend’s death to guilt/manipulate dudes into hanging out with me – not cool, right? I felt like a terrible person and realized I’m in dire need of change and self-improvement.

    And two months later, I am so. freaking. thankful to no longer be that person.


    • Sorry to hear those things, but im very glad for you that you have progressed and got better:) writing or any creative kind of hobby or passion can be amazing in a time of need:) Thank you for sharing your story:)


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