Snowflake Christmas Decoration: How To

When 12 in school, i was taught me how to make these simple but stunning snowflake decorations, every year since I I’ve passed on how to do it. So have a go and comment your results!! I was taught it and I’ve seen others do iy, so why don’t you give it a try too!

You’ll need: A4/A3 Paper, Stapler, scissors.

1. Take your first paper sheet, and fold it across Form your perfect square.

2. Take off the extra part of the sheet with scissors

3. Fold into a larger triangle, and fold again

4. Turn it so the open fold is at the bottom, like this:

and cut lines up, not all the way to the top but to leave a gap.  How many is up tp you, 5 is maximum and I woulden’t advise doing less than 3.

5. Open it out and it should look like this:

6. Take the first 2 parallel cuts and pull together, stapling them together in a circular shape.

7. Now turn it over, and the do the same with the next pair, supporting it the opposing way so they are on opposite sides.

8. Do this with every pairing, alternating direction each time. You should end with a flake like this .

9. Do another flake with the same process from fresh. The way you attach this to your previous one is by stapling both of their bottom piece together and both of their touching outer pieces like this.

10. Do this until you have 6 flakes, finally attaching the 2 at the bottom of the cycle by their outer edge.

11. Woo hoo!  There you go!

I felt so lucky to be shown how to make them, so I wanna help others learn how to make it too!

Like and comment if you like or try it out!


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