The Singing Sense.

I like writing, I like dance, and I love singing. Singing is something i’ve always done, always dreamt of doing, and I watch the X Factor wishing i was good enough to go on it. I don’t sing ‘because’, I sing because i love it and i am in my element when i sing, just like when i write. I’ll admit i can be a dad dancer, when hairspray comes on, i go crazy.. my dance moves are not filtered and i will dance across every inch of the room.I love a bit of Aretha Franklin- a bit of Bee Gees. More than anything though, i love the emotional songs. I thought everyone listened to music because it meant something to them, i listen to every word and write my own story, delve into the web to find the meaning and inspiration to their song. I get extremely emotional during songs because I relate them to me. My boyfriend said something to me the other day, he said when I sing i don’t adapt my voice to the song, i adapt the song to my voice, I want my own sound I don’t want to be compared to anyone. I have put a few covers on youtube, and it took alot of confidence for me to do it, but i have decided i want to share it here. So let me know what you think. see you soon guysss.

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