Hi i’m Britt and I procrastinate.

What should i revise?

Hey there, so its been a while. Partly because it’s been ridiculously busy with exams and Christmas and partly because my phone broke and I havent been able to log in on my new phone, maybe a little laziness in there too.

Im not gonna present my life as perfect, I can admit that i have anxiety, I’ve got exams and pressures, uni, I’m 18 and like every other 18 year old i have alot of stress but thats what makes the moments i relax so amazing, the so so many good moments wouldent feel as good as they do without the stress-ey ones. I’m so lucky in so many ways.

Course we 18 year olds have alot of  choices to make. The first one being.

Should i revise?


What should i revise?

My classic form of procrastination- I wake up Sunday morning and i think- right, I’m gonna revise today? What do i revise? 

English? Drama? Philosophy?

Hmm, ill go English, what do i revise? Shakespeare? Gatsby? Streetcar Named Desire?

Right- I’ll revise Shakespeare.

That’s the end of it. Right?

Brittany sat down at her desk and gathered her papers. For 5 straight hours she tore through sheets, books, all the information being noted into blindingly bright cue cards.

That’s it right?

Of course its not.

After choosing the topic you move on to Stage 2 procrastination:

Revising method?

Reading? Cue cards? Mind map?

And it just goes on until if your anything like me your doodling hearts round the title in the middle of your page and you’d get an a* for your bubble writing but a u in your actual subject. It’s not revising unless your procrastinating right?

Maybe ill do a mock paper?

It’s not procrastinating if i eat at the same time right? Nope, but if you lay back and put your feet on the table while eating, yes Britt that’s procrastination.

I could revise in bed?

Can you though? Or will that turn into a 4pm nap? Or a 4pm fifa session? 4pm anything but revision?;)

In my opinion people often mistake procrastinating for not caring.

I’ve never not cared and i guarantee you have never not cared either?  Granted some of it because im feeling lazy, sometimes im so tired I just think, i deserve a break. Some Is also panic right? If i revise I might see I’m doing worse than i think? I wanna relax if,I i revise i can’t? If i revise it brings me closer to those BLOODY EXAMS.

I guess i can excuse myself all I want, i need to revise but Its not all lazy with me alot is worry or just wanting a break. Sometimes you have just gotta knuckle down. Just gotta think of that grade and know your doing the right thing? Don’t revise to make others proud, make yourself proud.

Dont procrastinate like i do;)

*used to.


How do you revise?

Just do it. And before long that A* wont be be in A Level bubble writing it will be in whatever you want it to be. English. Philosophy or the history of art;)

If Ive stopped procrastinating, you can too.


2 thoughts on “Hi i’m Britt and I procrastinate.

  1. Heeeey Britt!!
    I never knew you had a blog!! It seriously looks awesome. I used to blog too but don’t have time for it anymore/ gave up. Anyway your blog looks awesome this post was really cool, kinda makes me want to get back to my blogging haha
    From Anabella 🙂


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