The Comfort that is..


Just all food really. on the train back from London and my tummy is all turned up, I would love a McDonald’s and a cuddle. Yet im an hour and half away from home.

I love days out dont get me wrong, but there’s so much stress involved too. Somehow every trip our drama class (2 people) make to London, it ends up centering around McDonald’s. We walk around looking lost and confused attempting to find a McDonald’s, circling on the spot in the middle of the pavement with our crappy mobile phone gps. You’d think we we’re truly lost, nope just looking for a mcnugget.

McDonald’s = Comfort

Comfort = Comfort Eating

Comfort Eating = Happiness

Basically after a long day walking around, getting lost and seeing a somewhat strange adaption of a theatre piece, McDonald’s is the place you wanna be.

Nothing like a box of mcnugget on a rainy day or a milkshake on a busy one, but what i learnt last time-

milkshake + 2 hour coach journey = sick.


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