Why I want to be a Journalist.

When people ask me what I want to be when I graduate from uni- I respond journalist  and I’m proud to say that– immediately people have said things to me like ‘gotta watch what I say then’ or assume I’m going to be a photographer desperate for a gossip article about a celebrity. Journalism encompasses so much more than that. I don’t necessarily want to be looking for gossip about celebrities and likewise I don’t necessarily intend to be presenting and writing news articles from warzones which alot of people surprisingly assume. I want to be columnist  and columnists are sometimes forgotten. Columnists to me are people who look at the world in a way that’s personal and you want to share it, you look for the beauty in where you are, you talk about your passions and help people share them too. Whether you look to an article for beauty tips, crochet patterns or an agony aunt- or simply just to read another’s perspective on life. A ‘journalist’ never means just one thing- a journalist covers so many different areas and if you intend be a journalist those stereotypes don’t cover even an inch of the opportunities that arise from wanting to write how you see the world.

My personal goal is to write in a way that inspires people like i’ve been inspired- I want to make people smile and laugh and possibly go and take up a new hobby. I have thought about the idea of being agony aunt and to be honest, I love that idea- I used to read agony aunt articles in teenage magazines when I was younger and people were asking the questions I wanted to ask too. These questions where people are too nervous to ask face to face and to think I could for a job help people have a little peace of mind about insecurity or a worry makes me feel really lucky.
Every day I struggle with own anxiety, It’s not a secret anymore because everyone in my life at some point I have had to ask a question about something I worry about or my hands looking extremely dry where I have washed them intensely. I struggle a lot and the people who are there for me every day make everything easier and every time someone tells me ‘its fine’ they have no idea how much it relieves the worry. This is a reason why I want to potentially be an agony aunt or to write an advice column- because like I said before, the questions one asks are inevitably being thought by another. Even thinking about my passion to write a column, sometimes for those who struggle with anxiety or another condition or situation distraction can be an amazing cure by just helping you think of something fun and happy instead of wanting to wash your hands or check something. Reading a column about an amazing view you saw, an inspirational person or a wedding you attended. Writing is one of the best ways to pass happiness from one to another and that’s what I want to do- if writing helps me to be happy or an experience I have makes me feel content or inspired- why not help the world feel that too.
Everyday when you turn on the radio and hear a presenter making you laugh or turn on the TV and you see someone interviewing your favourite celebrity, when you open a magazine or a newspaper and you read about the latest goings on, a writer giving advice to a stranger with a worry or a column about a hobby, experience or a passion. Journalists aren’t the stereotypes and the stereotypes ‘trigger’ me- just like with every job the stereotypes covers a tiny percentage of people- just because I want to be a journalist it dosen’t mean a gossip or a member of the paparazzi and these comments i get from so many people i tell I want to be a journalist, they need to look broader and think of all the passionate writers in every newspaper, magazine or television article. I just want to write.
I don’t know whether I’m going to be a columnist or an agony aunt or write about weddings, news or present the radio even?! I know one thing that I’m going to be a journalist and I’m proud of that and I’m so determined that one day you will see my column in a magazine, even just once, giving advice or talking of something I love- writing about my life or something going on in the world. If something makes me happy I want to share it. Every person in my life who answers a question about a worry or hugs me when I’m struggling- you are amazing people and I’m unbelievably lucky to have you in my life- to every friend, family member and my amazing boyfriend. I make sure that if someone needs me I’m there and being an agony aunt could mean I’m that person for many others and being able to do that through writing is an i n c r e d i b l e thought to me.
If you liked this please do drop me a like and give me a follow, having finished my a levels now I intend to do a piece most days so any requests or ideas please do let me know. Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to read this.


One thought on “Why I want to be a Journalist.

  1. Loved your article – it really explains well the way we can jump to conclusions on something very vast
    – well done!


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