Harry Potter – From England to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter was a massive part of my childhood, to be honest I still love it to bits now, it’s one of those things i know I will never stop loving and my sister has inspired me to write a blog piece about it. 

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 I was known to be a little obsessed with Harry Potter when I was younger and in recent years Pottermore has been brought out, young Britt’s dream to find out WHAT HARRY POTTER HOUSE IM IN.

But It did not go simply.

Having taken the quiz now 4 times in total- I have had got all 4 hours so in the space of a few days and once an hour I have changed personality. However I got Ravenclaw twice eventually so ill go with that. Even if I’m not half smart enough, there is a lot of appeal about Ravenclaw. To be honest I would have been happy with any house, but I have been inspired to become more loyal to my house as my sister has become the loyalist Hufflepuff the world has possibly known and to be honest  she is as kind and loyal as the house states too so her and the house fits! I however has aspects from a few so luckily I don’t live in the wizarding world to have this dilemma;)

I remember reading the books for the first time, later than the rest of my family because generally I grew up with the movies rather than the books. I remember the moment Hedwig died, crying when Dumbledore died and reading the second book at a young age and being weirdly frightened of Dobby. The journey that happens with these books is not for child or adult- its for everyone and everyone who reads these books I truly believe can be taken on a journey and everyone who has- I personally guarantee has at some point wanted to have an aspect at least of the wizarding world.  The world Rowling has created makes us want magic, spells, magical creatures and the loyal friendships portrayed in the books too, my sister told me the books are accessible to everyone and its true! Anyone and everyone can love them and get into the world Rowling has created, That’s the joy of a really great book.

Without a doubt my favourite book is the Goblet of Fire, the book is the first lengthier novel in th series and each tournament is so well described. You really follow Harry throughout his journey in the tournament and the cringy moments when people accuse harry of putting his name in the cup when we follow Harry in the novel and we know he didn t! The tragic death of Cedric, romance and Hermione finally blossoming. The book is in my opinion the best.*comment what your favourite book is I’d love to know!

Some people can choose which is better the movies or the books, however you can argue both ways. I certainly do notice when rereading the books how much the films miss out, however the films being to life what when you read the book, you want to see. However i dont think really you can ever get the feeling a book gives, your image will always be different to how the films portray it. 

I know the Cursed Child has very mixed opinions, the general consensus seems to be marmite- love it or hate it. I personally love it and don’t understand how you can hate it, there were aspects i believed to be silly however these were minor and did not affect the fact I found the book a great way to answer all the questions every reader of Harry potter wanted to know after the Deathly Hallows. I personally loved the character arc that was brought around for Draco, throughout the books we see him putting on a front of confidence and a bullying nature however we also see moments of fear to an extreme where it’s proved its a front. In the Deathly Hallows we see Draco question what side to be on which made us question him, this is furthered in Cursed Child where we see him share an emotional and tough past including the loss of his wife. We see a totally different side to a character that primarily seemed a totally different way in the books and that moment in the Deathly Hallows where we question if Draco wants to be bad or if he’s being forced to, is brought about again in this script. Rowling knows her fans, she reads the theories and she answers the questions we want and develops the stories we wanted her to. 

So, these are some of my ideas about Harry Potter i would love to hear your thoughts!! What house are you in? Films or books? Cursed child- love it or hate it? Thank you for reading and if you liked this please check out some of my other pieces and give me a follow if you like!