Football- from HATE it to LOVE it.

I’ve never been into football, not only was I terrible at sports (particularly football) but I found it boring. That however did change, I’m still shit at football that hasn’t changed, but now I genuienly support Arsenal and i find the games entertaining, not only that but I show a true sign of a football fan which is that I become emotionally invested and get pissed off if we lose.

When i was younger I had a football phase if you could even count it,it was in primary school it was the world cup and I was watching every game i could, I think it all started when someone has a box of little collectors cards and gave them out free which everyone went mental for. I got a Fabio Capello card and then i started googling him and getting interested in the world cup. I think the primary difference was that at this point I had no real idea of the rules or much idea what was going on, I just liked ‘being into‘ football- I felt cool.

Looking back at that now, i wasn’t into football -I wanted to be. Now i can safely say im an Arsenal supporter, I understand the games- I know my players and yeah maybe I’m not quite as clued up about it as people who play fifa and have followed and loved football all their life but I do know my stuff. I’m actually interested in looking up the latest transfer in the news now etc. 

I initially supported Arsenal because my boyfriend talked about Arsenal, I wanted to be on his team and support Arsenal with him, hearing him talk about the games i got interested and i had a google of their history and started following their transfers and the games’ outcomes.  However now over 2 years down the line I can safely say i support them not just because he does but because i genuienlly support the hell out of them. It’s easy to start getting into a hobby just because someone close to you does, but i didn t support arsenal once i found out he did I got interested in football and Arsenals history and decided Arsenal was also the team for me. Its the same growing up with a team all your family support- having someone close supporting the team with you makes it so much more fun. At first I was just reeling off random facts to surprise him so we’d just be talking and I’d say have you heard about Lacazettes transfer? And it became a game but it became a real team I support and a game I enjoy watching. 

I always knew this year for my boyfriends birthday i was gonna buy tickets for us to get a tour of Arsenal’s stadium and i always envisioned it to be something more for him; now in these last kinda 9 months I’ve got into it, I can’t bloody wait. 

I may enjoy football now and support Arsenal loyally but dont mistake one thing.

I’m still shit at football myself.


Why I want to be a Journalist.

When people ask me what I want to be when I graduate from uni- I respond journalist  and I’m proud to say that– immediately people have said things to me like ‘gotta watch what I say then’ or assume I’m going to be a photographer desperate for a gossip article about a celebrity. Journalism encompasses so much more than that. I don’t necessarily want to be looking for gossip about celebrities and likewise I don’t necessarily intend to be presenting and writing news articles from warzones which alot of people surprisingly assume. I want to be columnist  and columnists are sometimes forgotten. Columnists to me are people who look at the world in a way that’s personal and you want to share it, you look for the beauty in where you are, you talk about your passions and help people share them too. Whether you look to an article for beauty tips, crochet patterns or an agony aunt- or simply just to read another’s perspective on life. A ‘journalist’ never means just one thing- a journalist covers so many different areas and if you intend be a journalist those stereotypes don’t cover even an inch of the opportunities that arise from wanting to write how you see the world.

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Hi i’m Britt and I procrastinate.

What should i revise?

Hey there, so its been a while. Partly because it’s been ridiculously busy with exams and Christmas and partly because my phone broke and I havent been able to log in on my new phone, maybe a little laziness in there too.

Im not gonna present my life as perfect, I can admit that i have anxiety, I’ve got exams and pressures, uni, I’m 18 and like every other 18 year old i have alot of stress but thats what makes the moments i relax so amazing, the so so many good moments wouldent feel as good as they do without the stress-ey ones. I’m so lucky in so many ways.

Course we 18 year olds have alot of  choices to make. The first one being.

Should i revise?

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The Singing Sense.

I like writing, I like dance, and I love singing. Singing is something i’ve always done, always dreamt of doing, and I watch the X Factor wishing i was good enough to go on it. I don’t sing ‘because’, I sing because i love it and i am in my element when i sing, just like when i write. I’ll admit i can be a dad dancer, when hairspray comes on, i go crazy.. my dance moves are not filtered and i will dance across every inch of the room.I love a bit of Aretha Franklin- a bit of Bee Gees. More than anything though, i love the emotional songs. I thought everyone listened to music because it meant something to them, i listen to every word and write my own story, delve into the web to find the meaning and inspiration to their song. I get extremely emotional during songs because I relate them to me. My boyfriend said something to me the other day, he said when I sing i don’t adapt my voice to the song, i adapt the song to my voice, I want my own sound I don’t want to be compared to anyone. I have put a few covers on youtube, and it took alot of confidence for me to do it, but i have decided i want to share it here. So let me know what you think. see you soon guysss.

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The Impact of Music:

Music has always been a massive part of my life. Its been something I rely on, trust and what has truly brought me to some of the happiest moments in my life. However i’m feeling, however upset, when the Hairspray soundtrack comes on, you can’t hold me back from dancing round the room. My taste of music is as diverse as they go. It can go from hardcore rock to ballads or musical theatre. Music can come in any forms, even in the sense of whether you listen, write or perform. Maybe you do all 3 like me.

I’ve always wondered if the songs I like, I like because of the songs themselves or the memories i associate to them. My dad always say its impressive how many lyrics of songs I know and to me, I know it must be due to the fact every song I listen to, I listen to the message. I listen to a song because I relate or I find a way to. I know these power ballads aren’t meaningless. I know they have a message behind them that is unique and I focus on listening to every word.

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Love or Passion?

How do you view passion? love? sex? A love of something or a need to do something to feel as though your truly content.
I have a passion, my passion is writing. people ask me: what does that mean? I don’t know how to answer. All I know is that something inside me smiles when I write. The paper becomes a person I trust, it becomes an audience  to which they understand the intention behind every word I say. Ironically I find it difficult to get my point across in person, I’m a writer,not a talker. I could write all day and explain every feeling, every emotion. There are feelings you just can’t describe, true fear, pain, pleasure, happiness.

what does happiness feel like?

‘I feel good, content’

what does that mean? your merely reeling off synonyms for the word happy. We use words and experiences to justify it.

‘what does happiness feel like?’

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