Football- from HATE it to LOVE it.

I’ve never been into football, not only was I terrible at sports (particularly football) but I found it boring. That however did change, I’m still shit at football that hasn’t changed, but now I genuienly support Arsenal and i find the games entertaining, not only that but I show a true sign of a football fan which is that I become emotionally invested and get pissed off if we lose.

When i was younger I had a football phase if you could even count it,it was in primary school it was the world cup and I was watching every game i could, I think it all started when someone has a box of little collectors cards and gave them out free which everyone went mental for. I got a Fabio Capello card and then i started googling him and getting interested in the world cup. I think the primary difference was that at this point I had no real idea of the rules or much idea what was going on, I just liked ‘being into‘ football- I felt cool.

Looking back at that now, i wasn’t into football -I wanted to be. Now i can safely say im an Arsenal supporter, I understand the games- I know my players and yeah maybe I’m not quite as clued up about it as people who play fifa and have followed and loved football all their life but I do know my stuff. I’m actually interested in looking up the latest transfer in the news now etc. 

I initially supported Arsenal because my boyfriend talked about Arsenal, I wanted to be on his team and support Arsenal with him, hearing him talk about the games i got interested and i had a google of their history and started following their transfers and the games’ outcomes.  However now over 2 years down the line I can safely say i support them not just because he does but because i genuienlly support the hell out of them. It’s easy to start getting into a hobby just because someone close to you does, but i didn t support arsenal once i found out he did I got interested in football and Arsenals history and decided Arsenal was also the team for me. Its the same growing up with a team all your family support- having someone close supporting the team with you makes it so much more fun. At first I was just reeling off random facts to surprise him so we’d just be talking and I’d say have you heard about Lacazettes transfer? And it became a game but it became a real team I support and a game I enjoy watching. 

I always knew this year for my boyfriends birthday i was gonna buy tickets for us to get a tour of Arsenal’s stadium and i always envisioned it to be something more for him; now in these last kinda 9 months I’ve got into it, I can’t bloody wait. 

I may enjoy football now and support Arsenal loyally but dont mistake one thing.

I’m still shit at football myself.