Why I want to be a Journalist.

When people ask me what I want to be when I graduate from uni- I respond journalist  and I’m proud to say that– immediately people have said things to me like ‘gotta watch what I say then’ or assume I’m going to be a photographer desperate for a gossip article about a celebrity. Journalism encompasses so much more than that. I don’t necessarily want to be looking for gossip about celebrities and likewise I don’t necessarily intend to be presenting and writing news articles from warzones which alot of people surprisingly assume. I want to be columnist  and columnists are sometimes forgotten. Columnists to me are people who look at the world in a way that’s personal and you want to share it, you look for the beauty in where you are, you talk about your passions and help people share them too. Whether you look to an article for beauty tips, crochet patterns or an agony aunt- or simply just to read another’s perspective on life. A ‘journalist’ never means just one thing- a journalist covers so many different areas and if you intend be a journalist those stereotypes don’t cover even an inch of the opportunities that arise from wanting to write how you see the world.

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The Impact of Music:

Music has always been a massive part of my life. Its been something I rely on, trust and what has truly brought me to some of the happiest moments in my life. However i’m feeling, however upset, when the Hairspray soundtrack comes on, you can’t hold me back from dancing round the room. My taste of music is as diverse as they go. It can go from hardcore rock to ballads or musical theatre. Music can come in any forms, even in the sense of whether you listen, write or perform. Maybe you do all 3 like me.

I’ve always wondered if the songs I like, I like because of the songs themselves or the memories i associate to them. My dad always say its impressive how many lyrics of songs I know and to me, I know it must be due to the fact every song I listen to, I listen to the message. I listen to a song because I relate or I find a way to. I know these power ballads aren’t meaningless. I know they have a message behind them that is unique and I focus on listening to every word.

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How to get Inspiration:


In-spir-a-tion. Have you ever sat by your laptop, saying, right I’m going to be creative. You then proceed to just say the word creative with different inflections and tones, maybe you sing it. Maybe you google it (at the end of the day, what can’t you google?)

You sit there, with a notebook and pen, tapping your pen to its own tune, the tune of NO BLOODY IDEAS. No, today is the day you start a novel. Romance, Thriller? Action? Romance is always what I went to. I wrote a novel when I was 13. Got to 100 pages which sure, in life is not a long book. When your 13, it’s a thousand novels.

Since having what is commonly referred to as ‘writers block’ its made me realise just how screwed id be if I lived when all I had was a type writer. I’m the queen of getting into an action packed page of literature, and then deleting the entire thing. With the technology of word its fine. Not so much back in the day.

As you can see just by writing this I’m procrastinating. I admit it. Starting new things is hard. The moment i get an idea i’m passionate about , i don’t stop. I sit there and type all day and night. you have to get that focal point, that idea, that love. When i  wrote my ‘novel’ when i was 13, i wrote about love. I loved love. the idea of it. Was that because of Disney? Was that because all i saw around me was all my friends already getting boyfriends?

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