Why I want to be a Journalist.

When people ask me what I want to be when I graduate from uni- I respond journalist  and I’m proud to say that– immediately people have said things to me like ‘gotta watch what I say then’ or assume I’m going to be a photographer desperate for a gossip article about a celebrity. Journalism encompasses so much more than that. I don’t necessarily want to be looking for gossip about celebrities and likewise I don’t necessarily intend to be presenting and writing news articles from warzones which alot of people surprisingly assume. I want to be columnist  and columnists are sometimes forgotten. Columnists to me are people who look at the world in a way that’s personal and you want to share it, you look for the beauty in where you are, you talk about your passions and help people share them too. Whether you look to an article for beauty tips, crochet patterns or an agony aunt- or simply just to read another’s perspective on life. A ‘journalist’ never means just one thing- a journalist covers so many different areas and if you intend be a journalist those stereotypes don’t cover even an inch of the opportunities that arise from wanting to write how you see the world.

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Love or Passion?

How do you view passion? love? sex? A love of something or a need to do something to feel as though your truly content.
I have a passion, my passion is writing. people ask me: what does that mean? I don’t know how to answer. All I know is that something inside me smiles when I write. The paper becomes a person I trust, it becomes an audience  to which they understand the intention behind every word I say. Ironically I find it difficult to get my point across in person, I’m a writer,not a talker. I could write all day and explain every feeling, every emotion. There are feelings you just can’t describe, true fear, pain, pleasure, happiness.

what does happiness feel like?

‘I feel good, content’

what does that mean? your merely reeling off synonyms for the word happy. We use words and experiences to justify it.

‘what does happiness feel like?’

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